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How one scientist is making it easier to get medicine into your brain

Your brain does a good job of protecting itself from bacteria. Unfortunately, that also means it's a pro at blocking life-saving medicine.

Dr. Vibhor Krishna is a surgeon-scientist investigating a procedure that could deliver medicines to the brain without a single incision required.

His main obstacle? The brain itself, which is protected by a blood-brain barrier that holds off numerous dangers such as infections and bacteria. The blood-brain barrier also walls out medicines meant to fight diseases.

Using low-intensity focused ultrasound, Krishna can open the blood-brain barrier for treatments to fight or cure chronic brain diseases or disorders, including epilepsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

In this video, Krishna — a neurosurgeon at the Wexner Medical Center and member of Ohio State’s Chronic Brain Injury Program — explains how focused ultrasound opens the blood-brain barrier and why it could mean powerful results.