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A Supreme change?

The Supreme Court nomination of conservative Brett Kavanaugh has set off rounds of speculation about which previous rulings could be reversed or challenged.

Same-sex marriage, abortion and union rights are just a few of the topics that could be challenged or changed if Kavanaugh is confirmed as a replacement for outgoing judge Anthony Kennedy. Another potential target of conservatives? The Affordable Care Act, which already has faced numerous legislative challenges as conservatives work to reduce or repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment.

However, legal experts, including Ohio State law professor Chris Walker aren’t so sure the ACA will face a serious challenge. Walker, a former clerk for Kennedy, was particularly skeptical about the current lawsuit against the ACA.

“I doubt there are more than a couple votes on the court” against ObamaCare in the latest case, Walker recently told The Hill, a website that covers politics and policy.

Many experts echo Walker, noting that Chief Justice John Roberts has consistently shown reluctance to do anything that would dramatically alter ACA.

That said, Democrats remain concerned, with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer telling The Hill, “Now that the mandate has changed, I wouldn’t count on Roberts, and nor should the American people.”