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More proteins, less pain

Researchers already know there is a connection between being overweight and experiencing chronic pain — and new findings from Ohio State suggest that the foods people choose could help.

Charles Emery, a researcher at Ohio State’s Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research, led a study examining the effects of an anti-inflammatory diet on overweight individuals.

“We found that a healthful diet explained the link between weight and pain,” he said.

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Emery and the research team developed a model to help them determine whether components of an anti-inflammatory diet could affect pain. Their study showed that those who eat more plant-based proteins, such as these nuts, are less likely to suffer from chronic pain.
The research team also found a clear pattern: Eating more fish and plant-based proteins was linked with less pain, regardless of body weight.
In addition to nuts and fish, an anti-inflammatory diet can be rounded out with beans, peas, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthful fats.
Overall, it’s not about how much food you’re eating, but the quality of what you’re eating.